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Skopelos Panormos

Skopelos & Panormos

Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece. Here, where the green of the pines and the thick forests meets the deep blue of the sea and the sky, creating an image of incomparable natural beauty, the visitor will find himself in an idyllic place, a small paradise in the heart of Greece.

The island of Skopelos is characterized by its dense forests and the blue of its seas, and this is why it was formally declared a green and blue island on 5/5/97 by the international organization of Biopolitics. It is characteristic that the largest part of the island (more than 67%) is covered by a virgin pine forest. A forest that will require your love, care and attention when you visit, so that it can remain as is.

The town of Skopelos has also been characterized as a traditional settlement (19/10/78 presidential decree 594, 13-11/78), mainly due to its architecture , a mix of various architectural rhythms , which gives a stately look to the capital of the island.

SKOPELOS SIGHTS. Travelling around the island of Skopelos is a joy for the visitor, an oasis for the person looking for beauty in his every step. History is alive and celebrating today, and this marriage makes the island something more than a simple tourist destination.

Ever-green on a blue background, Skopelos impresses its visitors with the richness of its nature. There are pine trees in every single remote corner. Even the lonely rocks in the sea host some tree or bush on their small surface. Skopelos mountains, with their many sources and pines are one more jewel of the island, as well as its picturesque gulfs, wonderful beaches and unique landscapes.

The supremacy of the green is interrupted by the white of the settlements, especially the traditional ones, such as Chora and Palio Klima, and also by the impressive number of monasteries and chapels, while the various territories of sea and pine are delimited by the also white sands and dark rocks. An important feature of the island is the variability of the landscape depending on the time of day, the light and the weather conditions. This is due to the geographical position of Skopelos, which looks towards all the points on the horizon – the visitor can marvel at the sunrise at the Castle in Chora and the sunset at the picturesque harbour of Loutraki. On Skopelos, with its multitude of magical corners, the visitor will never be bored and this is definitely due to the fact that the landscape seems different every moment.

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Technical Details
  • Model : JEANNEAU
  • Type : SUN ODYSSEY 52.2
  • Length: 14.85m
  • Width: 4.85m